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CD Baby Just start from here, or:  (for the 2006 Deluge Grander CD "August in the Urals")  (for the 2009 Deluge Grander CD "The Form of the Good") (for the 2014 Deluge Grander LP/CD "Heliotians")  (for the 2017 Deluge Grander CD "Oceanarium")  (for the 2017 Deluge Grander 2-LP set "Oceanarium") (for the 2008 Birds and Buildings CD "Bantam to Behemoth") (for the 2013 Birds and Buildings CD "Multipurpose Trap") (for the 2010 All Over Everywhere album "Inner Firmaments Decay") (for the 2010 Emkog Records sampler CD)  

The Laser's Edge


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Mantis Music  Caerllysi Music (UK)  

Lizard Records (Italy)  

Musea (France)  

Just For Kicks Music (Germany)  



Deluge Grander is featured in the excellent 2010 documentary on progressive music, Romantic Warriors, which can be purchased on DVD here: