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CD Baby (*If you want more of your money to go to the band, buy from CDBaby!*) Just start from here, or: (for the 2005 Cerebus Effect CD "Acts of Deception")  (for the 2006 Deluge Grander album "August in the Urals")  (for the 2009 Deluge Grander album "The Form of the Good") (for the 2008 Birds and Buildings album "Bantam to Behemoth") (for the 2013 Birds and Buildings album "Multipurpose Trap") (for the 2010 Emkog Records sampler CD) (for the 2010 All Over Everywhere album "Inner Firmaments Decay")

The Laser's Edge


Wayside Music



Of Sound Mind

Eventyr Records (Italy)

Progpulsion (France)

Just For Kicks Music (Germany)

Mantis Music (US)

(*If you want less of your money to go to the band, buy from Amazon!*)

Deluge Grander is featured in the excellent 2010 documentary on progressive music, Romantic Warriors, which can be purchased here:

Other Bands:

There is a separate website for Cerebus Effect here.

Elevator Machine Room is a group built around Dan Britton and Chris Mack (Iluvatar, Puppet Show, Oblivion Sun).  Hopefully the first album will be done before 2012.

The rest of these bands are still mere ideas, and may not actually ever come into existence (hence the smaller font):

Fun Duck Hotel
is a project intended to fuse English and Arabic lyrics in a manner that teaches the listener some Arabic words.

is a project that might utilize all the strangeness and idiosyncrasies of Dan Britton's vocals.  Not sure how many folks would want to hear it, but it could be interesting.

is the name of a very hypothetical project to record artistically meaningful cover versions.  One possible release would combine themes of Dmitri Shostakovich and Charles Mingus into a work entitled "Shostamingus."  But since I've heard that copyright law might make a project like this legally impossible, maybe I'll just save that title for something else, as I sure do like the sound of the word "Shostamingus."

Brett d'Anon has written a lot of  material for an acid folk band, and we've got three names ("
Tradarranon," "Pulchritude," and "Hieronymus Kamoo")  that would fit it well.