All Over Everywhere is a musical collective, based in College Park, MD, built around the songwriting of Trinna Kesner and Dan Britton.  After meeting at an Espers show in 2007, they discovered that several of the song ideas they had each been working on were quite serendipitously compatible.  Dan, who comes from a progressive rock background (Deluge Grander, Birds and Buildings), knew a few other “rock” musicians who helped with rehearsing, recording, and live performances, and Trinna, who comes from a folk and classical music background, knew a few “classical” music students at the University of Maryland who helped with recording, arrangements, and—occasionally—live performances.

Soon after the nucleus of the group was in place in 2007, the plans for an album were well underway.  Since most of the songs were a bit dreary and melancholy, the design for the album was to be seven sad songs followed by one happy and uplifting song (“Gratitude”).

The first All Over Everywhere album "Inner Firmaments Decay" will be released in August 2010.

Many people helped bring these recordings to fruition.  It would be too difficult to list who played what on which songs, and we'd have a hard time remembering for sure anyway, so here's the overall list.
The people who played on this album were:

Trinna Kesner: acoustic guitar, viola, violin
Natalie Hughes: cello and bass guitar
Jennifer LaPlatnia: piano, accordion, and vibes
Megan Wheatley: vocals
Kelli Short: oboe
Dan Britton: keyboards, guitars
Ignacio Cruz: zither, dulcimer, electric guitar
Pat Gaffney: drums
N. Scott Robinson: percussion
Brian Falkowski: flute and clarinet

(artwork by Maria Britton)

All Over Everywhere, Inner Firmaments Decay (2010)
1. Art of the Earth (4:13)      
2. Endless Night (3:18)
3. The Shroud (5:40)      

4. Honesty (4:29)   
5. After All the Years (6:57)
6. On a Dark Street (3:08)
7. Until the Sun Begins to Fall (3:32)

8. Gratitude (10:34)* 

*Please note that there's a big slow buildup in this song that pays off starting around 6:00-8:00.  Be patient!

(artwork by Maria Britton)